Orange Bridge Advisory

Project Overview


Market Research

Begin market research by defining goals and target audience, and gaining insights into industry trends and competitors.

Content Strategy

Crafting a content calendar strategically designed to fortify the brand’s presence

Content Creation

Create compelling LinkedIn posts to captivate attention and elucidate OBA’s distinctive value proposition.

Course Of Action

Explore my project processes through videos.

Market Research

Establishing objectives and researching the impact of those goals on stakeholders.

Developing Strategy

Devising a strategy tailored to the specific stage of development for this business.

Creating Content

Creating compelling content to raise brand awareness and captivate the audience’s attention.


During this 4-month project, I accomplished the following:

  • 71 Impressions
  • 9 Clicks
  • 12.7% CTR
  • Built Website
  • Ahrefs SEO Course Completed
  • 12 Pieces of Engaging Content


Upon establishing this travel blog, my objective was to attract readers and promote a brand without significant upfront costs. I achieved this by crafting content and adhering to SEO best practices to rank on Google. Utilizing tools like Ahrefs, I identified effective long and short-tail keywords to guide my blog content. 4-months and 12 posts later, I received 71 impressions and 9 clicks on my website.

Moving forward, my goal is to advance my digital marketing expertise by refining SEO processes including market research, writing style, and enhancing marketing analytics capabilities.

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