Ethan Escobar Personal Training

Project Overview


Create Landing Pages

Developed two landing pages to assess the effectiveness of different formats.

Set-Up Conversions

Set lead-focused goals, and implemented events/conversions through Google Ads and Tag Manager.

Create a Google Ad Campaign

Establish ad groups, create ad copy, and implement A/B tests.

Course Of Action

Explore my project processes through videos.

Landing Page Creation

Create compelling landing pages to resonate with audiences and drive them toward conversion

Setting-Up Conversions

Set up Google Tags Manager to create conversion events on my landing pages

Creating a Google Ad Campaign

Develop and optimize search ads using keyword-focused ad groups


  • 41,981 Impressions
  • 810 Clicks
  • 1.93% CTR
  • 2 Closed Deals
  • ~$600 LTV
  • ROAS 171%


During the time I started this project, I was eager for an opportunity to manage a service business’s Google Ads. A perfect collaboration emerged with the personal trainer who required assistance in initiating his online presence to generate leads. I took charge by designing landing pages, crafting ads, and tracking conversions along with other data via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The outcome after 2 months? 2 closed deals, a 1.93% Click-Through Rate (CTR), a $600 Lifetime Value (LTV), and a 171% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Looking ahead, my strategy involves refining and expanding. I aim to implement retargeting, experiment with other strategies, and scale what proves effective.

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